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Don't Retire, Refire Podcast

Aug 31, 2019

Aynsley is a very well regarded and qualified certified financial transitionist,  who began her career as an investment specialist. She tells the story of reaching a point in her life where she wanted to make more of a difference for her female clients than just investing money for them. Particularly she wanted to help those who are at the point of a "Life Transition", be that through death or divorce from their partner. As such she undertook additional study to become a certified financial transitionist.  She tells stories of the fear, doubt and identity crisis that most of her clients experience from going through these life events. During these times she talks about the value of having a "Decision Free Zone" where one writes down all the concerns that the mind has made up, and then triaging these into 3 buckets of now, soon and latter lists. This process brings her clients much relief. She then supports her clients to get their affairs well organised and make important decisions about their life, and money. This is a must listen podcast for any lady who might be about to, or is going through the difficult experience of death or divorce.