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Don't Retire, Refire Podcast

Oct 20, 2019

Alf first learned about ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) from a neighbor of his, who was part of the SOG (special operations group - police). They are the equivalent of military SAS/commando unit, but in the civilian jurisdiction. They are deployed into dangers environments often associated with Bicki gangs, terrorism and rouge snippers - think the Port Arthur massacre. As you can imagine, SOG members are often deployed into fearful situations, where how well they manage that fear greatly affects their ability to perform well. He spoke glowingly about its impact, which stimulated more research on Alf's behalf. ACT is now being applied with great validated success by the military, business, athletics, religion and medically. In this podcast Steven Hayes - the founder of ACT talk about its various applications and practical insights from his latest book "A Liberated Mind".  Also discussed are ways out of the CEO/Executive/professional identity trap - "if you are, what you do, then when you don’t do that anymore, who are you?" A great listen for those in transition.

Steven can be contacted at