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Don't Retire, Refire Podcast

Nov 23, 2018

Kathy is a self confessed lover of what people do for work. She is fascinated about what they like and don't like about this important part of people's lives. Being an entrepreneur herself, one of her “gigs” is to lead a team of 70 career coaches on a platform called ‘Turningpointboston’ that she founded. According to well regarded sources, 50% of jobs in the future will be of a gig nature. Kathy describes the gig economy as existing in the space between full time employment and full time entrepreneurship.  Many people desire long term security in their employment, but given the nature of disruptive technology this is believed be be a long gone fantasy. The gig economy does take a mindset shift, but could be one of the most rewarding periods of a fulfilling life. At the very least it may represent a valuable risk management insurance policy. This is a great addition to our ongoing series.