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Don't Retire, Refire Podcast

Apr 1, 2018

Starting his work life as a graduate in engineering out of university, Steve has had several career changes.  He makes an interesting distinction between a business that has been “corporatized” with its command and control leadership style,  where shareholder return on equity is the dominant focus. And a business that has been “professionalised with a soul” with its collaborative inclusive leadership style, where money making is in support of a higher purpose that does good in the world,  which more fully engages all stakeholders - staff, customers and shareholders. Steve quotes many examples of the benefits of the latter approach, including WholeFoods from the USA, which substantiates the validity of such an approach. He then goes onto talk about his attraction to both Family Business Australia  and recently Conscious Capitalism Lastly he talks about saying Yes to opportunities even if you don't have all the skills just yet.  Steve con be contacted at