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Don't Retire, Refire Podcast

Mar 28, 2019

Kevin is a 35-year marketing veteran from Kansas, City, Missouri,  USA. He is the founder and managing partner of Skopós, a brand refining and value building practice for small and medium sized private and family businesses.  It has helped clients not only achieve tens of millions in annual growth, but also materially increase the sense of purpose and fulfillment of the leaders and team members of those business.  If fact, that’s where Skopos process starts! It begins with the business’s purpose (why do we exist as a business, what good do we do in the world, why is our customer and community better off having us in business than it is not having us in business).  This refinement -(defined as removing impurities, increasing performance and value)- of purpose (P) is often re-energising for both the older and younger generations. Kevin then outlines the other P’s in his 4 P’s system - being People, Process and Position. Kevin enlightens us on how traditional marketing- online and/or offline -  is often more about “window dressing” rather than helping the business leaders to create really valued experiences that has their customers want to rave about them and share a good thing with everyone they know. He then shares his thought on re-applying your purpose to bring new value into the world for causes that might be important to you regardless of your age.  This episode is ideal for anyone wanting to bring purpose and value into an existing or new business venture.