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Don't Retire, Refire Podcast

Oct 27, 2019

Having been diagnosed as a dyslexic at a young age, Tim found learning hard.  However, he had the good fortune to do a carpenter apprenticeship with a 65-year-old mentor who encouraged him to think in pictures.  This was a turning point in Tim's life. In fact, this skill of picturing has been proven to dramatically increase one's ability to learn and comprehend at levels unheard of in the past.  Organisations such as Lindamood-Bell have taken this learning process globally. In order to form pictures, the brain simplifies the message down to the essence, thus allowing you to see relationships that could not be seen before.   Tim used this newfound skill to complete a degree at university and now heads up a very successful specialist construction company. In this episode, Tim shares his wisdom about life, learning and growing as a team where curiosity, collaboration and human ingenuity comes to the forefront.  His advice is to view dyslexia as a sign of genius. Tim then goes onto share his thoughts about how elders could be valued and do social good as mentors in the future. ReFired Elders!

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