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Don't Retire, Refire Podcast

Nov 3, 2018

Luke has a business called Modern Visual which specialises in consulting, marketing and technology. As such it engages with and employees individuals who were born after 1995 - defined as millennials. He shares his experience of working with millennials and what they are looking for. They are very digitally aware and often prefer that mode of communication over the spoken word. They are seeking higher purpose for their work and wish any business that they are associated with to have a purpose beyond just making more money.  He has worked Nick Riewoldt a coach from the St Kilda football club who 10 years ago used to motivate the players by yelling at them, but finds that today this doesn't work. Today you need to work with the players as a collaborative team and provide education to bring out their best. They are full of energy and if engaged correctly are a great source of continuous innovation. This is a great podcast to expand our awareness of an important generation.